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Real Madrid beats Barcelona 1-0

First El Clasico of the season 07/08 ended Real Madrid's victory.
The match wasnt as exciting as last seasons 3-3 draw. But now Real Madrid CF has 8 points lead on Barcelona in La Liga table.

I am completely shocked on the news we have heard from Ancelotti. There is no way Real Madrid and Milan would swap Sergio Ramos and Ricardo Kaka!! 
FIRST of all Real Madrid has dozens of striker/midfielders they dont need another one with KAKA. If Kaka goes to Real in January's transfer window, it means Raul, Guti, Robinho, Baptista or some others are most likely going to spend the end of the season sitting on pench.
SECONDLY Real's defence is entirely on Ramos' and Pepe's hands when Cannavaro has seemed to be really out of it lately. There is no way Pepe could handle defence alone without Ramos.
THIRD(LY?) Milan has great defenders. Nesta could easily handle defence by himself..Maybe Ramos would replace Maldini..who knows..
But it wouldnt make any sense to Sergio to leave La Liga #1 club to Serie A's #11 club. And whats the point to Milan to get a defender who has his highs and lows, Sergio isnt like Nesta who is always very stable. Sergio has the tendency to go forward but going back to defence has caused him a lot troubles.
Anyway love ACM and RM<3<3